Published at November 27, 2017 ·  2 min read

TLDR: Serverless slackbot deployed via a python terraform wrapper. git clone https://github.com/securityclippy/lambdabot.git cd lambdabot cp lambdabot_config.json.example lambdabot.conf edit lambdabot.conf with your specific info and save python3 manage.py --apply TL: Recently I’ve found myself with a number of projects that could really benefit from an easily accessible method of interaction. Typically this interaction takes the form of a command line program with one or two imputs, which then runs some form of a lookup, transform or other process....

Holiday Hack 2015, Part 3

Published at January 15, 2016 ·  2 min read

Gnome in Your Home - The 2015 SANS Holiday Hack Challenge Part 3: Let it Gnome! Let it Gnome! Let it Gnome! Internet-Wide Scavenger Hunt Answer these two questions: 5) What are the IP addresses of the five SuperGnomes scattered around the world, as verified by Tom Hessman in the Dosis neighborhood? 6) Where is each SuperGnome located geographically? Part three of the HHC is really barely worthy of its own post, but here it is....

Holiday Hack 2015, Part 2

Published at January 12, 2016 ·  3 min read

Gnome in Your Home - The 2015 SANS Holiday Hack Challenge Part 2: I?ll be Gnome for Christmas: Firmware Analysis for Fun and Profit Answer the following: 1. What operating system and CPU type are used in the Gnome? What type of web framework is the Gnome web interface built in? 2.What kind of a database engine is used to support the Gnome web interface? What is the plaintext password stored in the Gnome database?...